Saturday, July 24, 2010

Date Night, Birthday, and Mary and Anne Boleyn

So, Nathan and I don't get to go out on many dates. I think one of our most recent ones included scraping wallpaper off the kitchen walls. Romantic, no? Anyway, tonight Nathan took care of getting a sitter (Thank You, Kjirsti!) and then surprised me with dinner and a movie! Usually if we do go out we pick one, dinner or a movie, so this was pretty deluxe and awesome!

We went to a place in Shaker called Touch of Italy. But apparently, to locals, it's more commonly referred to as "The Touch." We'd never been there before, but had passed by it and Nathan knew I wanted to try it. We found it humorous because when we walked in the lights were off and there was no one to greet us. Nathan had to walk to the kitchen to find the host and get us seated. The atmosphere was less than Italian or welcoming, so we were wondering where the "touch of Italy" was supposed to come in. We found it in the food, thank goodness. I ordered eggplant parmigiana and Nathan had grilled chicken over pasta. It was delicious. I only wish there'd been enough room in my stomach for all of it because my taste buds wanted more of it!

Then I realized that it was still before the kids' bedtime, so Nathan must have had something else planned, too. He told me we were going to go to Lowe's to look at a new stove. I didn't think that was true until we actually started getting close to a Lowe's. However. . .

He then took the freeway and I had no idea where we were going until we got close to a movie theater.

We saw Inception. Holy moly. I'm still working on wrapping my brain around it and I'm really curious about what kind of dreams I'm going to have tonight. For the last two weeks I have dreamed consistently about Mary and Anne Boleyn and the English court.
Although in my dreams they don't look anything like Scarlett and Natalie.

I'm ready for something different and tonight I think it might come. 


Kristine said...

we went to an Italian resturant like that once. However, it was such a whole in the wall that was quite dark we almost felt like that is where the mob met.

I am glad you had such a great birthday. That Nate, is a good guy.

Mary said...

How fun!!!! That sounds like an awesome date, and it makes it so much better when it's all a surprise. It's always good to hear about good restaurants around here and good new movies! We'll have to go too.

JerieH said...

Kurt saw that movie and liked it. He always goes away and gets to watch a lot of movies.... hmmm, I a grumpy right now. Anyway I will have to see that one.
I sure hope dreams don't come true. For some reason I have been having High School dreams - really weird, really scary.

Summer said...

Happy Birthday, Kellie! Sounds like a fun date! I wanted to try that restaurant, but never did. I'm glad it was good!

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday Kellie!!! Sorry I'm late. It sounds like you had a great birthday! miss you!