Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Birthday--Whoop-i-dee Doo

So my birthday was the other day. I'm officially in my "thirties." Becoming 31 wasn't as horrible as 30. I didn't really care. And that's mostly because I had a really hard time getting up at all.  I spent the entire day feeling sick. It was almost like I was hit with the first trimester morning sickness again. I couldn't eat with the nausea and then to add to it, my blood pressure plummeted. I couldn't stand for long and sitting without laying my head down was almost too much at times.

I actually didn't cook or prepare a single meal for my kids on Thursday. Nathan did breakfast for Megan and Emma before he left for school, Jeremy grabbed an apple when he woke up. Megan made sandwiches for lunch and doled out huge bowls of Cheetos for herself and her sibs. Then dinner was leftovers which Nathan reheated.

I took a nap, which was great until I woke up to Jeremy informing me of apple jelly being smeared all over the dinning table, my sewing stuff scattered all over the floor, and sticky hands everywhere.

The only real bright side to my day (besides a great package from my parents, thank you!) was book club. I love book club.We discussed The Hunger Games and not only did we have a great time talking about the book, but a great time going off topic, too. I know, you're probably thinking I'm nuts for going to book club after feeling awful all day, but it was at my house and all I had to do was sit in a comfortable chair and chat about a great book. Easy peasy. Besides, by that time the Dr. Pepper had finally made its way through my veins and was getting my blood pressure back up. For me, Dr. Pepper=normal blood pressure during pregnancy. Or at least almost normal blood pressure. So that part of my birthday was great. I felt fine and had fun.

I did have a wonderful girls' night out the night before my birthday. It was fabulous. Yummy treats, popcorn, hilarious movie, and great friends+very cute present, so bonus there.

Anyway, it was my birthday. It kind of sucked until the last four hours of it. But Nathan's taking me out to dinner on Saturday, so hopefully that will make up for the lack of fun on the actual day of.


Emily said...

Yuck! So sorry you were sick. :-( Glad you got to do book club, though, and hope your dinner tonight is great! :-)

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday! Hey, I wish I would have been more on top of things on Friday when I came to visit teach you! You need a little gift or something. We all could use a little pick me up once in a while. ;)

JerieH said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! And I am sorry you where so sick. I am gald to hear the Nathen made up for it :)