Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Party!

Jeremy's 4th Birthday Party!!

We started off with a rousing game of Bed Bugs.
(Which Jeremy needed earmuffs for because the game is "too loud.")

Then we had the kids be exterminators and do a bug hunt! I made this little teepee, filled it with balloons and then "hid," plastic bugs beneath the balloons. One at a time we had the kids go in the tent with a butterfly net and search for bugs. We gave them each 15 seconds and then counted up how many bugs they caught.

The kids all wanted a turn blowing up balloons. It didn't matter that we had plenty for the teepee. 
The balloons ended up being a major source of entertainment,
from hitting them up in the air to taking their Capri Sun straws to them.

We also went outside to play for a bit, but forgot to bring the camera out. We tried to have the kids play bocce (pronounced bow-chay, not like the Star Wars language), but they were too interested in running around free and playing with other lawn toys.

Jeremy wanted a firefly cake. This was my best attempt.
I put neon green sprinkles on the butt of the bug to give the appearance of glowing :)

Waiting for the cake!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Don'tcha love how kids swarm together when one of them is opening a present?

This was Jeremy's first birthday party with friends and I think it was a success. The kids seemed to have fun and Jeremy is still flying high playing with his presents.

Thanks to everyone who came!


Lindsey said...

You are so creative! Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Emily said...

So cute! I LOVE the "glowing butt" on the cake. :-) Nice job, mom!

katie said...

Happy birthday! You're such a great mom. I dread the day my kids expect a real party. I've already given up on making cakes. Way to go!