Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Jeremy turned 4 yesterday. However, his behavior was such that we had to tell him he had to wait to turn four because the Birthday Committee thought he hadn't behaved well enough. Since I preside over the Committee for our chapter, it was true.

Today, thank goodness, he was much better behaved and so was allowed to officially turn 4 years old.

Here are a few pictures to document the occasion:)

This is what he called "The Biggest Smile Ever"

Months and months ago I found some hand puppets really cheap at Michael's Craft Store and bought some for the kids' birthdays. Emma got a little girl and a tiger for her birthday, 
Jeremy got a boy and a zebra. Here he is making it give me kisses.

Holdin' up his new shorts:)
Poor kid got mostly clothes and pajamas, good thing he's young enough to think that's cool.

This is his "Oooooh!" face. He was pretty excited about this one. Nathan bought him a bocce set. Jeremy learned to play bocce when we were in SLC in April. He played with his Grandpa Kent and just loved it.

Jeremy LOVES Hot Wheels cars and track sets. We found this one that has an elevator so he can get the race car to the top of the door all by himself.

We didn't do cake today since we're having a bigger party on Saturday with his friends which will include cake, but we had a special dinner (Dave Omer's Famous Dessert Crepes with my favorite Hershey's Dark Chocolate Syrup), and grasshopper flavored ice cream. I figured we'd keep with the bug theme that Jeremy asked for for his birthday. If you don't know--grasshopper flavor is mint and chocolate.  So after Saturday, I should have more birthday pictures to post; so be on the lookout, Grandmas!

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