Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Business

Remember this post? It's happening again. These three examples are all within 3 or 4 weeks of each other, btw.

The first time this is how it went down.

Guy at register: So, this is your last one, right?
Me: Huh?
Guy at register: This is your last one.
Me: [My last what? Box of Oreos? He notices my confused look and points at Emma, Jeremy, then my bulging stomach.] No, and actually I have another one, too. I've got three kids, this will be my fourth, and I want one more after that.
Guy at register: Seriously? Wow. [Goes back to his job.]

Second time.

Girl bagging my groceries: Are you done after this one?
Me: No.
Girl bagging my groceries: Really? How many do you want?
Me: [Is she talking about scoops of ice cream?] I've always wanted five, so one more after this.
Girl bagging my groceries: I've got one and that's all I can handle. God bless you.
Me: Yeah. [walk away]


Guy with a cart: Here mam. [Pushes a cart with a broken restraining strap and an annoying wheel at me]
Me: Thanks.
Guy no longer with a cart: [Eyes wide, head shaking] God bless you.
Me: [Very confused look on face] Huh?
Guy no longer with a cart: This is your last one, right?
Me: [Still confused] Last what?
Guy no longer with a cart: [Points to my belly] Your last one.
Me: [Look down at my own belly] Um, no.
Guy no longer with cart: [Head cocks to the side, eyebrows furrow] Last one?
Me: [Shaking my head] NO. [Slowly and loudly, enunciating each word] I want one more after this.
Guy no longer with cart: What?
Me: I want five kids. [Guy starts to back away] I plan on having one more after this. Is it really any of your business?

Really? And why do all of these idiots work at the same grocery store? That was the last straw so I went to customer service and spoke to a manager. Luckily, he was horrified that I'd had these experiences in his store. I expect to not be asked any more baby related questions or have God's blessings called down upon me by strangers wearing grocery store smocks.


Jess said...

God bless you.


Nikki said...

Wow. People usually say to me, "Are you done?" or "Are you going to have anymore?"

Yesterday at the commissary I had a couple of people ask if this was my first. I was shopping alone. a rare treat. Their eyes got bigger than saucers when I told them it was my seventh. They were very sweet about it though after that. Some people, not so much.

Good for you for talking to the manager.

Raspberry said...

I completely understand. Well, I only have one right now, so let's just say I sort of understand.
You see, I live in Boulder CO, which is the place the Bible talks about when it says 'Licking the earth'. No one takes work seriously, no one has children anymore, or if they do it was just one, and the fact that I stay at home - I've gotten more 'bless yous' and I only HAVE ONE!

But hey - great stories, right?

Mary said...

Hahah, I love the tag "the stupidness of ohio." People are SO nosey around here, especially when it comes to kids...I love the picture though,haha.

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

Kyle and I are dying laughing!!!! The strange thing is, that where we live with so many Catholics and Mormons in a tiny town, everyone is asking when we're having our next one....etc. etc. How funny! Oh, and God bless you! :)

Wade, Jenny, and Girls said...

Yah...big families are dying out. It's kind of sad. People always ask me if I'm going to have more too...and I live in Utah for crying in the night!

Leanne said...

When I was in Maine, and pregnant with #3 and had the other two with me, I just ignored them. or nodded and smiled. who really cares? other than your family of course.

Summer said...

HaHaHa! I think it's so funny when people say things like that! It's hilarious that you got three from the same grocery store! I especially love the "Stupidness of Ohio" tag! LOL!