Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream

It's official. It's back to school season. Want to know how I know?

A) The fact that I saw brown leaves falling from a tree today could be it, but it isn't.

B) Maybe that the school bus drivers are out learning their routes? Nope.

C) The annoying commercials on Hulu with the junior high kids wearing my fourth grade wardrobe as they dance around and claim to have the beat? Wrong again. They also claim to look sweet, but that's debatable. 

D) Not even the endless paperwork associated with getting my kids ready or the kindergarten kickoffs and school park play dates are the real tipper-offer here.

No, the right answer would be. . . I'm having my routine nightmare. I'm in high school, in the front office, late for class, and I don't even know what my classes are. I can't find my schedule card. Or my locker. Or the person I'm supposed to talk to about getting a new one. I wander around, lost, and thinking I am going to fail high school because I don't even know what classes I'm in.

I hate this dream. Yet, I have it about 50 times a year and almost always during the school year.

This is how I know it is back to school time.


Alice Jane said...

Oh my goodness! I have the EXACT same dream about 50 times per year too. I even had it LAST NIGHT!! The only difference is I also can't remember where my locker is or what my locker combination is. That is so bizarre that we have the same dreams. Maybe I'm not so weird after all. Or maybe we ARE weird. Ha ha!

janeen said...

I have the exact same dream.

I'm either in college and can't find my class scedule or I can't remember if it is Monday wednesday classes of tuesday thursday classes. All I know I am always late and lost walking around the Taylor building at Rick's.

My other one is in highschool and I can never remember my locker combo.

We all must have been tramatized by school!
Happy dreams tonight!

Leanne said...

I always have a dream that I am in college and am flunking out a class that I did know that I had but somehow didn't get to at ALL the whole semester, and I didn't even know where it was. I am so glad I don't have to do school ever again.

Summer said...

I've had that same dream too! Wierd! Happy back to school!