Monday, August 2, 2010

It's So Nice . . .

I love having Nathan home during the week. I don't know what I'll do once school starts again. Cry, probably.

Anyway, today we have had lots of fun! Monday is the "free" day at the Cleveland Zoo. I say "free" because while all we have to do is show our licenses to prove we live in the county to get into the zoo, we also pay a lot of taxes for this one free day a week that we only take advantage of about 3 times a year.

However, today was more free than usual. We hadn't been in the zoo for five minutes when a lady came up to me and asked if we wanted her Zoo Bucks. Zoo Bucks work like money for the extras that the zoo charges for: the dinosaur exhibit, feeding the birds, riding the train, camel rides, etc. They were leaving and she said her son hadn't wanted to do any thing extra and so she had an entire book of Zoo Bucks (which equals $12, but costs $10 to buy). So this is what we did with them!

Megan wouldn't let go of a flamingo feather she found. She carried it through the whole zoo.

I wanted a picture of Nathan getting his head eaten by this dinosaur,
but there were lots of people waiting for pictures. Dang.

Jeremy insisted that he doesn't like robot dinosaurs, only real dinosaurs. That's too bad.
I don't think he'll find many exhibits with those.
And here's Nathan's favorite quote of the day from Jeremy:
"Tyrannosaurus is a meat eater and we're meat!" 

Megan and Jeremy asked if they could do the camel ride as we were driving into the zoo and Nathan told them no "because it probably costs $4 a person." Which is exactly what we found it does cost.
But with our Zoo Bucks . . . ta da! 

So a happy time was had by all. We also. . .


Kim said...

Are they seriously riding a real live camel? That is so cool! Though my kids would have totally freaked out over that.

Summer said...

SCORE!!! What a deal! Looks like the kids had a blast! The camel was especially cool!

Leanne said...

Fun! what a lucky day for you!!

JerieH said...

That looks like so much fun. Or Zoo is too far away, and frankly I think it is too hot to go right now!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

That's an awesome dinosaur exhibit! And I totally would have made people wait so I could get a pic of the dino eating my hubby's head! =)

Hey, where are the tummy pics? I want to see how you're looking!

Amber Omer said...

Fun!! Score on the zoo bucks! You must be liven right! :)