Saturday, March 8, 2008


Today I took Megan to a matinée of Cinderella performed by the Cache Valley Civic Ballet. I thought it was very well done for a little town like Logan. I was a little worried for Megan at first since there's no talking in ballets, but she did very well and didn't get tired until there was only five minutes left. They added some humorous moments to it with the step-mother and step-sisters (the sisters being played by men).

She asked me lots of questions about it, who people were, what characters were doing, etc. It was by far the most different Cinderella story she's seen since she's used to the Disney and book versions. They had fairies that represented the seasons, grasshoppers, and other weird little additions that I'd never seen before. One of the season fairies, Winter, is a girl from our ward. Tomorrow I'm going to show her to Megan and see if she remembers her.

After the ballet the whole cast came out to meet the audience. Megan got to meet Cinderella, the Fall Fairy, a messenger, and one of the step-sisters. She was expecting the step-sisters to be played by girls, so when the guy bent down and said hi to her in his deep voice she kind of freaked out a bit. She dug herself into me and wouldn't talk to him. He acted like it was normal with kids her age and wasn't offended, so that was good.

The girl that played Cinderella was a sweetheart. She was so attentive to Megan and even told her that Megan gave her the best hug she'd had all day!

The picture of Megan with Cinderella is blurry because the camera was on the wrong setting and I didn't know it. The picture didn't look blurry on the screen, so I didn't think about it and didn't realize it was on the wrong setting until we were ready to go. I tried to get another picture of Megan with Cinderella, but then the batteries in the camera died. . . . Of course it started working again when we saw the Fall Fairy on our way out, but by then Cinderella was gone.

Anyway, here are the pictures. The first one is a self portrait of Megan and me during Intermission. Then Megan with Cinderella, and then the Fall Fairy.


Leanne said...

Look how excited she was to be next to Cinderella! Sounds like you guys had a fun time! What a nice thing to do with your little girl, I bet she loved having the special mommy-time.

Kellie Buckner said...

She was so excited! Nathan was going to come originally, but he had to work. I think he's glad he got out of it. . . .

Danyelle F. said...


You are so lucky your little girl would pose with the ballet dancers. We took MJ (when she was six) to see the BYU Around The World dancers. She loved it. But when we met with all the dancers afterwards, she got totally shy, wouldn't talk to them or have her picture taken with them. It was cute, but sad. She warmed up again after we left and went out for french fried and ice cream. :)

Danyelle F. said...

Um, that's supposed to say French Fries and Ice Cream. Sorry. :)