Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hill Air Force Museum

On Wednesday we decided to go down to Roy and visit the Hill Air Force Museum since the kids LOVE airplanes. Also, I had gift cards for Target and we needed a new infant car seat for Emma.

I have to interrupt this blog to let you know that Jeremy just told us he needed to go potty and when Nathan let him get on the little potty, he actually did pee!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

Ok, back to the airplanes.

Megan and Jeremy got so excited as we drove up to the museum, just pointing and yelling, "Airplane! Airplane!" When Jeremy says it his voice gets deep, it's really funny.

It was a nice get-away and fun was had by all. It did make for rather a long day, but at least the kids slept well last night. Exhaustion sometimes works wonders.

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Leanne said...

That place is pretty cool, we used to go for field trips there all the time in grade school. The picture of them holding onto the propeller is cute! And hooray for the potty! Go Jeremy!