Thursday, March 27, 2008

Conference, the Johnsons, and Outer Space, Oh My!

The weekend of March 21-22 I got to go to the LDStorymakers conference in Sandy. It was a blast and I learned a ton. I got to meet people in my Authors Incognito group that I've been e-mailing back and forth with for a year and hadn't met yet since we live all over the western United States. We're a group of writers that are working on getting published and help each other with our writing, ideas, etc. I also got to meet authors that I love and will soon love when I finish their books. This was actually my third time attending the LDStorymakers Conference, so I'd met most of these authors before. This time I also got to meet editors of different publishing houses and talk to a couple of them. I am currently getting my embarrassing stories manuscript ready to send in to Lisa Mangum of Deseret Book. I got to have a personal meeting with her at the Conference and it was great! She's really nice and very helpful.After the conference Nathan and the kids picked me up and we met our good friends, the Johnsons, for dinner. It took us about half an hour to find a parking space since there was a Jazz game going on-- really annoying. Anyway, it was great to visit with them. I got to see them in February when I went to Life, the Universe, and Everything conference in Provo (I was lucky enough to stay with them), but Nathan and the kids hadn't seen them in a long, long time. Here is us at the Blue Iguana in SLC.
Nathan had taken the kids to the Clark Planetarium during the weekend, but had forgotten his camera. So after dinner we went back to the Planetarium and let the kids run around. These pictures are of Megan and Jeremy "walking on the moon" and "walking on Mars."

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Leanne said...

Hooray for dinner with the Johnson's! and guys are funny! You better still visit with us when you come to Utah...I will hunt you down! :)