Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby Animal Days '08

Ok, this is try #2 for getting this blog up. Sometimes I really hate blogger. And today is one of those days. Anyway, on with the blog.

Today I took the kids to Baby Animal Days at The American West Heritage Center. We went with our good friends Sara and Melynda. Most of this blog is pictures, which is why the first try to get this up didn't work. Blogger doesn't like for me to post more than two pictures or so and as you've probably noticed, I love posting pictures since we have so many friends and family who are far away and don't get to see Megan and Jeremy very often. So here are pictures of our day. Hopefully.

Megan's first pony ride.

I gave Jeremy a piece of candy before putting him on the pony, thinking he might need something to take his mind off being on a pony. I thought for sure he'd freak out as soon as I started lifting him toward the pony, but nope! He thought it was great!

Sara, Melynda, Jeremy and Megan looking at the baby goats.

Looking at a mama horse and the foal.

Jeremy petting a calf.

Mere seconds after taking this picture, Megan stepped in the bowl of pig slop and got it all over her pants and one of the little piggies.


Jeremy didn't want to hold the duck, just look at it.

Megan loved the bunnies. She kept going back to hold more and more bunnies. They were also for sale. Mama says, No Way!!

This is David the Cow. He's for sale.

Just hangin' out.

Megan is learning how Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger.

Sara, Megan, and Melynda on the wagon ride.

Me and Jeremy on the wagon, too.

All Megan could talk about was going to see the turtles. It was her favorite part last year and she really wanted to do it again. Of course "Turtle Town" was the furthest attraction from the entrance.

Jeremy really liked the turtles and tried to get a second turn at petting them. I wasn't really willing to go back and do it again, though. Plus, Megan had to go to the bathroom at this point and the bathroom was back at the very front of the Heritage Center.

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Leanne said...

How fun! I love baby animals. looks like you guys had a great time!