Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Visit to the Dentist and more

Before we left for Cleveland we took Jeremy to the dentist for his first visit. He did a great job. This kid is amazing. Doctors . . . dentists . . . needles . . . blood . . . nothing fazes him. Just as an example, we had to take him down to Primary Children's down in SLC in December for some major testing. Jeremy just sat in Nathan's lap as the technician taped stuff to his arms. It couldn't have been comfortable and the technician was really surprised that Jeremy was so calm about it.

Anyway, Megan's first visit to the dentist she did great. She was a little nervous about having some guy looking in her mouth and she didn't really want to lay back like we needed her to, but over all she was great. Jeremy was just like, "So you want me to lay back and open my mouth wide, right? Ok." Megan stayed out in the waiting room with one of the hygienists (yes, mom, Nathan was out there with her, too) and played Go Fish the whole time. When the dentist was done Jeremy got a balloon and even got one for Megan.

Now, while we were in Cleveland, Jeremy was playing in the blue room at Grandma and Grandpa's. We only know this because that's where the pool of blood was found. Got your attention? Ok, so Grandpa and Megan are watching tv when they hear Jeremy's little voice, calm as can be, "Grandpa! Boo-Boo!" Kent is just thinking he scraped his finger or bumped his head on a toy or a table or something and calls to him to come in. Jeremy walks in the room and Megan starts freaking out. There was blood all over Jeremy's left hand. Kent took him to a clinic or E.R. or something and turned out Jeremy needed stitches on his index finger. We still don't know what happened exactly. But when the doctor was stitching up Jeremy's finger and when he gave him a shot, Jeremy didn't even flinch. He just sat there, calm and happy. The doctor told Kent that most adults don't behave as well as Jeremy did during the whole process. Amazing, huh?

It's funny, because Jeremy didn't make a big deal out of the pain, stitches, or shot, but he'll sure tell you about his "boo-boo" and shove his finger right up in your face over and over.

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janeen said...

I wish my kid loved the dentist, he wont even sit in the chair by himself. He screamed so loud I think half the neighborhood heard him!