Monday, April 7, 2008

Forgot to Explain

Ok, so in the previous post I said I'd explain why the papers listing things to do stayed in Cleveland. The reason is because we left our luggage there. Not on purpose, mind you. Remember the car we borrowed from the really nice couple? Well, the guy was scheduled to fly home the same day we were. So we planned on leaving the car at the airport in the long term parking lot with the keys locked in the car (he has another set to open the car with). So when we found a parking spot we decided where to hide the keys, got out, and walked over to the elevators to call him and let him know where we parked the car. Then as Nathan was relaying to him the exact place where we left the car locked and ready for him, I realized that our luggage was still in the trunk of the car. I called the parking garage people and they said they couldn't open the car for us and that the airport police wouldn't do it. They gave me the number of a locksmith, but he couldn't get there before we needed to be on the plane. In the end, we called the couple and told them that our luggage was stuck in the car's trunk and asked them to please take it to our new apartment where it will wait for us until July. We did have to ask them to go through one of the bags though. I finished reading a library book while on the trip and had placed it in our carry on bag. To avoid a huge fine I decided to have them open the bag, find it and send it to us. I'm kind of bummed that I don't have my glasses, my hair straightener, or most of my maternity clothes anymore.


Leanne said...

OH NO!! It sounds like something I would totally do. crap. well, 4 more months, right?! :{

janeen said...

oops a daisy! I could totally see myself doing that!

Kellie Buckner said...

Everyday I keep thinking of more things we left behind. It really stinks. Today I went out and bought more maternity garments. The last few days wearing regular ones have driven me nuts.