Monday, August 10, 2009

A Quick House Update and an Anniversary Present

Yesterday we had a couple friends over for games and I asked Nathan to hang some family pictures before they arrived. Here he is with the last one and the final result.

The lighting is a little weird, so the walls look funny and I didn't feel like dealing with Photo Shop tonight. So due to my laziness, you get funny lighting. There ya go. But hey, I love how it turned out! A fun assortment of pictures and the house is finally starting to feel like mine instead of a place we are just staying.

For our anniversary Nathan decided to splurge a bit and (thank goodness for a sale) got us a couch/chair set! Thank you! The yellow in the pillows (which I really didn't care for at first) actually matches perfectly with our walls. Happy coincidence. Nathan's present hasn't arrived yet. I'll let you know what it is when it gets here.


Brooke Jackson said...

Kelli, thanks for the compliment! Your house looks so good. You guys have put in a lot of work. I love the furniture!

JerieH said...

Looking good! You guys have put so much work into that house!