Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sew Fun

Corny title, I know. Sorry.

But last Saturday I took Jeremy and Emma to a neighborhood garage sale and it was the best I've ever been to. I know lots of people hate garage sales, Nathan is one of them, but I think it's so fun to walk around and see what little treasures people have held on to and are now ready to part with.

I was able to find some great stuff.

*I got a beautiful sheet set for $3 Here's one of the pillowcases.
The sheets are for a twin, which is what we are always in need of.

However, this particular pillowcase didn't stay a pillowcase for long.

It now looks like this

I stayed up late that night to make skirts for the girls. Megan got the part that was already embroidered. Since the embroidery was about four inches long I figured it would swallow Emma. I used what was left of the pillowcase for Emma's skirt, adding a little trim around the bottom and flower which I can switch out to match whatever shirt I put her in.

*An Amish made baby doll bassinet for $5 which needs only a little TLC

This will be a Christmas present for a little girl who loves baby dolls.

*A game for the kids-Bed Bugs-for FREE

The game already has been a life saver with the kids. They love it and play it all the time, freeing me up to do stuff like shower.
Yes, my friends, my hygiene has improved because of a game called Bed Bugs.

*A cute sweater for Emma for $1

Here she is going for the camera. It's a little blurry, but I love it.

*A fun toy for Emma (she's a little old for it, but likes it anyway) for $1

*And a cool iron chair that is similar to one in Megan's room for $3.
The pillow needs recovering or replacing and the iron should probably be repainted, but those are easy fixes.

And because of my wonderful luck at three garage sales (and I've only been to three here), I will never knock Cleveland garage sales.


Tracey said...

Very cute little skirts...way to go Mrs. Crafty! I'm usually not ready to get out of the house earlier enough to actually make it to garage sales:) Good finds!

Leanne said...

look how big your girls are! cute baby doll bed. is that your house in the background? I think we can see your address...maybe crop that one a bit. ok? love you!!

Jenny said...

I love the skirts! You are so creative! Great finds.

Kellie said...

Thanks, Leanne. That was actually my neighbor's address. She probably wouldn't appreciate her address being on my blog!

JerieH said...

I love Garage sales! We are on a hunt for furniture right now.

We must be on the same wave lenght because I made Ginny a dress like the pillowcase ones you made last year. Except I used two fat quarters that I have stamped and dyed at a quilting metting a while back.
When I get my act together I will post pictures on my blog.