Saturday, September 26, 2009

Breaking the Streak

Last night Nathan attended his first ever MLB game. I have been to quite a few, but they were all forever ago when the Astros still played in the Astrodome. Just as the game was starting I told Nathan that I might have to cheer for the Orioles because their name sounds so much like Oreos and those just sounded so good right then. And now, actually. But I of course cheered for Cleveland.

This was a first for the kids as well and they loved it. They didn't watch a lot of the game of course, but they thought it was really cool to see real baseball players and to try to find the ball as it would soar after being hit (which unfortunately didn't happen a whole lot). They loved the songs that would play over the loud speakers to get the fans excited and would dance to them, especially Jeremy. Megan loved playing with the other kids that were there since we went with a bunch of people from the dental school and Church.

After the game (which we won, thank goodness, otherwise it would have been the 12th loss for Cleveland) they had the coolest firework display I've ever seen. It was put to some really fun music and they had the words up on a screen for the audience to sing along. Megan and Jeremy were excited for the fireworks until they realized just how close we were to them. They thought for sure we were going to catch fire until I explained to them that we were in a safe area and showed them how other people had to move out of their seats because the could have been hurt.

It was a ton of fun for me. I loved having Jeremy on my lap and explaining to him different aspects of the game. Here's our happy family even more happy because of the win!

I love how the guy behind us is looking at the camera, how Emma looks like she's having a mugshot taken, and how Megan is kind of off in la-la land. And you can't really tell in the picture because it looks a little funny, but I was actually having a good hair day. It was curly and I loved it.


Jess said...

what fun! and nathan has a beard?! weird.. his face looks like the main guy on the movie 300..

Amber Omer said...

You guys do look so happy! Yay! It makes me want to go to a b-ball game right now!

And yes, that is one awesome beard Nathan! I'm remembering Dave's high school musical stories about who could grow a beard back then and how most could NOT! lol!

Leanne said...

How fun! Oh no, don't let Danny see that Nathan has a beard again...he'll want one too! ick. (not you Nathan, I don't care what you do with your face) Anyway, I'm glad they won for you guys. I thought the guy in the background looked a little ornery that you all were taking a picture in front of him...get your own picture!

Leanne said...

P.S. I looked at the picture in it's larger version and I love your hair like that!

Amber said...

Love the hair. I can see it and I thought it looked way cute. What is on Nathan's face?