Monday, September 21, 2009

Everything You Missed While Our Camera Was On Vacation Without Us

So here they are, the pictures that have been sitting in Palmyra, NY since Labor Day. And without any further ado. . . .

Emma feeding herself


Our trip to Palmyra
Here are the kids at the Angel Moroni statue

Kristy took this picture of Ryan just before snapping the family picture of us.

Megan rolling down the huge Hill Cumorah.

And here's Jeremy realizing that he didn't want to go down the hill after all.

Megan and Jeremy at the Smith home.

Megan and Jeremy checking out a tree in the Sacred Grove.

Before going on to the Grandin Building (where The Book of Mormon was printed and where we left our camera) we ate lunch at a park and played a bit.

Kristy, Megan, and me. We only got a little dizzy:)

Jeremy crawling around on a weird sculpture.


Leanne said...

fun! glad you got your camera back! I hope it enjoyed the rest of it's vaca.

Anonymous said...

what a neat place to go for a vacation. I guess you're a lot closer now to so many historical sights. how fun. Your kids are absolutely adorable and look like they have grown 2 feet since I last saw them (they probably have I guess) Anyway hope all is well.

Amber said...

What an awesome vacation. We need to come out next summer and see you guys and you can visit again. The pictures of Emma feeding herself, can we say little Megan? Word.