Sunday, September 20, 2009

Holes in the Wall and Police

There were two cop cars parked outside our house on Saturday. There were two new holes placed in my kitchen wall, too.

I took Emma grocery shopping with me in the morning and when we got back Nathan got her out of the van, but didn't hear me say the keys were next to her car seat. He shut the door after getting her out, locking them in the car. I called multiple locksmiths pricing their services for getting them out and then considered walking everywhere for the rest of our lives. Then I decided to swallow my pride and call the police. They were very nice about it, except the first officer that came by got his tool stuck in our car window. We thought for a while we'd have to pay an insane amount of money to get it out. When he couldn't unlock the van or get his tool out he radioed another officer for help. He brought a different tool and had our van unlocked in less than five minutes. Then after rolling down the window we were able to get the other tool out. Yay! Thanks University Heights Police!

As for the holes, Nathan and our friend Bryan worked on raising some wires in the backyard that the city decided were too low when we bought the house. Apparently, holes were necessary.

It was a busy, fun weekend and now on to a busy, fun week.

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kollers said...

Ah. . being locked out is so frustrating! At least he got Emma out before hand right. Sounds like you guys are keeping busy!