Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yesterday was the last day of summer vacation for Megan and Jeremy. Preschool orientation was everything I expected and nothing that the kids expected. I figured we'd walk in, get the kids introduced to their teachers and maybe a couple other kids, have them see what stations are in their room, check out the playground and have the teachers pass out all the boring literature I'm supposed to read and the papers I have to fill out.

That's basically what happened, with the exceptions that Megan's teachers had prepared a game to help them find all the stations in the classroom, Jeremy's teachers didn't take us to the playground, and Emma ate sand.

Jeremy was disappointed he didn't get to play with everything he wanted to, Megan didn't want to leave the housekeeping station, and Emma wanted to read all the books she could reach. Yep, those are my kids.

All in all it was good and I'm excited for tomorrow when I can just drop Jeremy off in the morning and Megan off in the afternoon and I'll have a little more free time with fewer kids. I'm also curious as to how Jeremy is going to do. He isn't as social as Megan and stuck next to me through much of his orientation and seemed glued to Megan during hers.

ps, I'll post pictures tomorrow after the real first day.

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Jess said...

that's so cute! i miss your kids.. :(