Thursday, September 24, 2009

Progress, Take Two

I finally fixed my progress bars. It's kind of funny.

I was talking to Nathan about my dismal abilities in math only an hour or so ago.

Ten minutes ago he asked me about my progress bar, if I'd made it to 1% yet.

This of course was depressing because I believed I was at .1% and had been excited moments ago to have finally reached it. It's pretty depressing to have a progress bar that doesn't actually have a bar moving across it, you know?

So I decided to update it with him there, so he could see the new percentage. He watches me and then (I don't know how he did this without laughing at me) says, "Kell, you've got to multiply it by 100."

Yeah. This is why I was an English and History major.

So now I have progress on my progress bars. Yay!


rachel said...

We are a lot alike. English and History are my FAVES. I'm sure you are better in math than I am-I feel like I have a 4th grade education.

Leanne said...

I dislike math. the end.

Jess said...

hahaha! that is hilarious.. i love you, kel!