Friday, January 22, 2010

Blogging Conference

I'm Going to the CBC!

So have you heard about the casual blogger conference? I wanna go. Really bad. It's put on by the MMB and there will be some really big blogger names there. There are three that I would really love to meet. Sue, Annie, and C Jane. All three have spots on my sidebar under blogs I read by people I don't know--yet.

Go to the link and learn about it!


Janelle said...

I used to read Annie. I stopped because I realized that she was self-righteous and couldn't see beyond her little happy valley bubble. She was funny while it lasted, though.

I'm assuming you're posting this as an entry into the drawing, right? I hope you get to go, because I know you'd love it.

Kellie said...

I've read Annie for a little over a year and haven't noticed any self-righteous behavior or "happy valley bubble" stuff. She usually writes stuff I can identify with, the hard part of raising kids, but loving them anyway. Occasionally she gets into reality tv or music, which I don't keep up with, but sometimes find amusing anyway just because she's so into it. I also read her column every week.

janeen said...

Is the conference in Utah? If yes, are you coming for a visit?

Kellie said...

I hope so! I was looking at airfare last night. Really the only problem is trying to figure out what to do with the kids since Nathan will still be in school on the Friday I am gone.

annie valentine said...

We can be friends! Yes! Call me for a playdate any time, my bubble would be happy to meet your bubble.