Monday, January 25, 2010


Many moons ago Megan's preschool class talked about community helpers, like doctors, firemen, policemen, etc. Included in the discussion were florists and pizza delivery people. Megan went dressed to school as a doctor on the community helper dress up day, but came home really wanting to know about florists. (Sorry Jess, she didn't care about the pizza delivery person. Not a big fan of pizza. She still loves and misses you, though.)

A few weeks later we were on a walk and passed by the local flower store, Flowerville. It is about a two minute walk from our house (and that's if you're walking slow) so she sees it every day. But I figured since we were on a walk and I wasn't quite ready to go home and face the madness there, we'd stop by the flower shop and let Megan meet a real florist.

He showed us around the shop, showed the kids his favorite flower (an orchid), let the kids ask questions, and in the end, gave the kids each a carnation. I even have a post in October if you care to go back and look at those pictures. Then he invited Megan to come back and help him make a bouquet.

She has not stopped talking about that since. Every time we drive past the flower shop, so like, five times a day, she says, "Mom! When do I get to go to the flower store and make a bouquet?"

So I finally called the guy on his offer back in December, thinking it would be a fun thing for her to do for her birthday. They were too busy and said to call back after Christmas. So I did. And here she is. . . .
We put the flowers on the table for dinner, but so I can enjoy them, I mean, to keep them out of Emma's reach, the vase is now above the kitchen sink.

And yesterday while we were at Church, one of the lillies bloomed.


Lindsey said...

What a pretty bouquet. I love that there are people willing to take time to teach kids and make them happy. What a sweet mom to make that happen for them!

C. K. Bryant said...

What a wonderful thing for you to do for her. It's important as parents, that we nurture out child's talents and dreams. Well done, my friend.

Leanne said...

That is such a fun thing for you guys. beautiful flowers.

Summer said...

Your bouquet looks beautiful, Megan! Looks like you have a talented future florist on your hands there, Kellie! What a fun thing to do! You are a great mom!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely memory you have created for your daughter!