Friday, January 22, 2010


Emma pooped in the potty tonight.

Just had to share.

Yeah, she's 20 months.

Let this be the beginning of the end of diapers for Emma.


She also sang with me as I was singing her and Jeremy's goodnight songs.

It was cute.

Then she sang to her stuffed giraffe when I put her in bed.

Oh, how I love that girl.


Colin & Lori said...

yahoo Emma! and Mom! She is certainly a sweet girl. I don't think I will ever forget how snuggly she was the night I babysat. She hardly knew me but hey, she didn't care and I just had to soak it in.

Lindsey said...

Yay for Emma! I'm sure that's pretty exciting since there will be many more diapers coming soon. One at a time please. :)

JerieH said...

Good for her! Jacob wants to know if she got some soda? (That is what he and Ginny get for going)By the way he is a HUGE fan of your blog.

Raspberry said...

I am SO jealous. Eli just giggles when we sit him on the toilet, but never goes, and he's 21 months. 22? I can't remember. His birthday is in April. Hey - so we were pregnant at the same time! Awesome.

Summer said...