Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Before and After

 Here are a few pictures of things we did before the move to Oklahoma. I never blogged them, so I'm still playing catch up. Then after these pictures there are some of our first weeks in Oklahoma, a few fun things we've done around here.

The last week of school I took pictures of the kids at the school playground. I wanted to get pictures specifically of Megan and her friends, but of course I took pictures of the other kids, too. Although for some reason, Lincoln wasn't in any of these. It's possible he was in a stroller or at home with Nathan when I was doing these.

Such a cutie
Emma and her friend, Sammy.

Eliza, Gabby, Megan, Josie. BFFs.

Stuntman Jeremy
Having Fun

Ok. This isn't the best picture of this strange phenomenon that occurred nearly every day in our house in Ohio, but here you go. This is the entryway of our Ohio house and the kids liked to stack up all the couch cushions and pillows. Then they'd climb to the top and crawl around in the tiny pillow-filled space. They called this, "playing Tiny Toons". I have no idea what this has to do with the cartoon Tiny Toons, but they would pretend to be different characters and  jump all over my couch cushions.

 Megan won many different art contests this year and last year, but here is her most recent art award. We are very proud of her. Unfortunately, one of her art pieces that I thought was just awesome was lost by an employee of our pediatrician in Ohio. They held an art contest there and she was one of the winners, but the woman who ran it tossed some of the pictures before the parents or art teachers could come get them--idiot. Then she lied about it. And lucky me, I was the one to catch her in her lies. Anyway, our pediatrician felt so bad about it he sent Megan $100 to buy art supplies. Pretty sweet, but we still wish we had her picture.

 Here's the After portion of the pictures. We'd heard there was a lake near us so we went to find it and check it out. Turns out the lake we went to is the nasty one where you aren't actually supposed to go. We have yet to bother finding the good one. Maybe next summer.

 This is Prairie Dog Town. Nathan felt like exploring and Emma was the only one who wanted to go, too. The rest of us felt like falling on the floor and sleeping for the next 10 years. Oh, I'm sorry, that was me. Megan and Jeremy wanted to play the Wii. Anyway, a week or so later we all went so we could see the cool stuff that Nathan and Emma had found.

And here are two of the prairie dogs. They were everywhere, so it was pretty cool.

 Um, yeah. I don't remember what this was. Nathan is so much better about remembering every detail of what we do. I just remember that we do it and it's fun.

(Update, Nathan informed me that this is the highest point in the Wichita Mountains.
Thanks, Nathan!)

And here we are at Grandma and Grandpa Gunn's house in Austin. The kids spent so much time in the pool while we were there that Nathan and I decided we needed to get one. Yeah, the spent about 1/4 of the time in the one we bought.

So there are our adventures from part of May to part of July. More to come.

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