Thursday, August 16, 2012

Emma's Fourth Birthday

 Happy (Really Belated)  Birthday, Emma!!!

Wow, this is really sad, I know.  So, Emma's birthday is at the end of May and I'm just now getting around to post pictures and stuff. We were in the process of moving and dental graduation stuff, so there are my excuses.

Dear Emma,

You are a very interesting child. You take great pride in being sweet and loving and cute, but you've got a tough side, too. For your birthday this year you wanted a Spy Princess Party. I wasn't quite sure how to put those two things together, so we focused on the spy theme since we had more boys at the party than girls. Also, you're really into spies right now.  We recently took you to see The Avengers (shh, it's PG-13, but I knew you could handle it since I'd already seen it and knew when to close your eyes) and you loved The Black Widow. When you realized she was a spy and she started kicking the bad guys' butts, you almost jumped on top of your seat! You got a huge smile on your face and yelled out (in an almost empty theater, thank goodness), "She's a spy just like me!"

On your fourth birthday your hair was still long and curly at the ends, although more recently we've cut it in a cute bob and you can tell it's still got it's curl when we don't take care to make it straight and smooth. Your favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp, but you've recently discovered Leap Frog videos, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and to my delight, National Treasure. You don't like movies with witches, you love to pretend you speak parsel-tounge, and you love to pretend Harry Potter with anyone who will play it with you.

You are usually a good eater, except you still prefer to use your hands and you get pretty messy. You love preschool and at the end of the year you were voted "Most Adventurous"--mostly because you like to jump off stuff and you scared your teachers sometimes.

You are learning to read and are doing really well with the Red Sam Books and you also really love puzzles and the game Memory.

Here are some pictures from your Spy Birthday Party.  We didn't get a picture of foreign language training, unfortunately, but so you don't forget, Dad got into the action and taught you kids some important spy phrases in different languages.

Disguise Training

Sneaking under lasers training

Cartwheel contest, because spies always do cartwheels when sneaking.

Decorating your Spy Gear bags

More disguise training

Not sure where Jeremy's disguise picture is, but here's two of Link.

opening presents

Luke, Sammy, Megan, Emma, Jacob, Faye, Patrick, Jeremy

And yummy Seminary Cake!

It's been an adventurous four years and I hope all the rest are just as fun and even more exciting. We love you Emma and are so glad you are part of our family!



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