Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Can you believe it? Just before hitting the 10 years of marriage mark,
Nathan went and got himself graduated!

We are so proud of you, Nathan! You're a dentist now!
It's official, you can now pass out tooth brushes instead of candy on Halloween.

So, I graduate, in like, an hour.
You know it!

Nathan and Dan Yeats

Nathan and his parents

The family

Waiting to get into the church building where the graduation takes place.

The wives.

Ok, I'm going to cry, no more pictures of us.

My blossoming baby belly shows up pretty good here. Don't enlarge the picture, please.

Ben and his Mini Me

The Copes

Trying to figure out the back thingy on the robes was not fun.

See? We're still trying to figure it out.

And still!

The guys

Beautiful stained glass window in the church where the graduation took place.


"I'm legit now."

Class of 2012

Kristy, don't leave me!!!!!

And the after graduation business of being sworn in as a captain.

Nathan, this has been a long road for you and I know it isn't exactly over yet, but I am really proud of you and one day when the kids are old enough to understand all the work you've gone through, they will be proud of you, too. You've set such a wonderful example of hard work and determination for our children to follow. Thank you for working hard and at the same time, putting your family first.

We love you,


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