Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life of an Army Wife--Artillery Museum

Once Nathan had to start going to the Base in the mornings, I started trying to find things to do with the kids that I could handle on my own. I'm not much of an adventurer and with temperatures in the 100s, I really didn't want to do anything outside.

The Base here is an artillery base. What that means other than it constantly sounds like a thunder storm is going on, I'm not sure, but there's a cool "Missile Park" where you can see different artillery from various wars and this museum. We went to the Missile Park with Nathan, but I think those pictures are on his phone. So here are the museum pictures from when I ventured out with the kids on my own

We started with stuff from the Revolutionary War

Digging for treasure. Almost every time I went to take a picture of him, this is what I saw.

Pretending to be shot by the cannon.

I had to include this one because it's a good shot of Lincoln's "Squinty Smile."

The museum covered every war we've been involved in from Revolutionary to Afghanistan, but the bulk of the artifacts came from the earlier wars. Behind the kids in the last two pictures are way old school computers used by the military--crazy, eh? The kids really liked the museum, which surprised me, but then, they are Nathan's kids, so it probably shouldn't have.

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