Monday, June 16, 2008

Been Busy

I know I haven't posted anything in a while, sorry about that. I got sick last week (tons of not-fun) and then we went to SLC for Nathan's best friend's wedding. It was a great trip since we not only got to see our friends get married, but also got to see family and other friends. We went to a great park in West Valley, Hunter Park, and met with my old roommate, Janeen, and her kids. The park had a ton of toys, was huge, and the city had a program where they gave out free lunches to the kids-what could be better than a free lunch at a cool park? We also got to see our old neighbors, the Johnsons and their kids. We met them at the Living Aquarium in Sandy. It is a smaller version of what will be built in Salt Lake at the Gateway and was a lot of fun. We got to touch sting rays and a bunch of other aquatic life. They also had a rain forest presentation. They brought out all kinds of animals that I never want to see again. A hissing cockroach, tarantula, scorpion, etc. They did show some cool birds, like a macaw and a couple different parrots. They were really cool because they were trained to kiss, play dead, and of course talk.

For Father's Day we went to Church with Nathan's family and then had a massive BBQ. Nathan's dad's present was a new huge grill with a bunch of BBQ stuff, so we had to break it in. Nathan's present was a list of the kids' favorite things to do with their Papa. Megan made a purple hand print, Jeremy an orange hand print, and Emma a green foot print on a piece of white cardstock. Then we printed their lists (Jeremy and Emma made their lists with a little help from me) on top of their prints. We framed it using a floating frame since Megan's print was right on the edge of the cardstock and a regular frame would have cut off her thumb.

Now we are home and I am attempting to get more packing done. I need to become Super Packer for the next few days since we've only got 8 days till we move.

I decided to post some pictures here because my mom is always asking for more pictures.

Megan holding Emma

Jeremy holding Emma

Megan and Jeremy playing Train Ride. Jeremy is driving the train.

I knew the kid was skinny, but this skinny? And yes, Leanne, that is the table y'all gave us before you moved!


Leanne said...

HA HA HA! I love it!! I'm sure you think of me every time anyone sits in it! That was one of those pieces of furniture that went around the neighborhood...we got it from the Jensen's I think when they moved.

janeen said...

We had a fun time with Ya'll! Why do you have to move? We'll miss ya'll