Monday, June 9, 2008

Meg's New 'Do

Megan surprised us last Sunday. We were eating breakfast and watching the pictures slide show on our computer (we use our pictures as our screen saver) and saw a picture of Megan when she was maybe 18 months old. Her hair was a little shorter than the middle of her back and we pointed out to her how cute it was. We've been trying to get her to agree to a haircut for a long time, but she totally freaks out every time we mention it. On Sunday when we saw the picture we asked her if she'd want her hair to look like that. To our complete surprise she nodded her head and said, "Sure." Nathan and I looked at each other and asked her if she understood that would mean cutting her hair. She understood and so we asked if she'd want to cut her hair that day. We didn't want to wait if she was willing. She just nodded again and repeated, "Sure." I ran for the phone and got Nathan to call our friend Sara who cuts hair. He asked her to come over as quickly as she could before Megan changed her mind.

Here's the before and after and a short video of Megan's amazing change of mind. Oh, and mom, don't worry, her hair still curls a little at the ends. The end results aren't as drastic as the original picture that we saw. I just couldn't go that short on her for a first haircut. Sara put some cute layers in her hair and I think it turned out cute.

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Leanne said...

I was going to cut off all her curl!! I bet it's cute. And nice for you to have a little easier time with.