Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Happening

I don't know if it's really hit me or not. There have been times when I thought it has, and then times when I realize that it hasn't. Nathan is currently in Nebraska in route to Ohio. I am in Texas with the kids staying at my parents' place. Next Wednesday we'll all be in Ohio. In a new apartment. A new city. A new state. A new ward. New, new, new, new.

I had to say good bye to my friends yesterday and it wasn't easy, but since it still hasn't hit me, it doesn't feel real. I feel like I'm just in Texas for a visit and then I'll be flying back to Utah. I wouldn't mind if that was the case, but I think Nathan would be a little upset since he'll be in Ohio.

For the last six years (the entire time we've been in Logan) all I've really wanted was to finish school and get out of Logan. Now I'm realizing just how much I really loved it there- minus the snow. I hate the snow. But I really loved the city and the people there.

During our six years in Logan we stayed in the same ward, the University 27th. We've watched many couples and families come and go, always wondering when our turn to move on would come. When we didn't get into dental school right away (or even not right away) it was frustrating to be left behind while it seemed like everyone else was getting careers or getting accepted to graduate school. Now that it is our turn to go and Nathan has been accepted to dental school, I don't want to leave the ward.

Of course I am excited for Nathan to finally start dental school. And I've been trying to have a positive attitude about moving to a "scary" place. Go ahead and laugh, but frequently people tell me it will be "an adventure" and I am so glad that they do. After you read this post you have to scroll down to my list of favorite things and click on Charlie the Unicorn. Watch the video and you'll know why it makes me happy when people say our move will be "an adventure." It makes me smile every time.

There are so many emotions in me right now with this change and I can't seem to express how I am feeling and what I am thinking. It might be that I'm completely exhausted or it could be that Megan keeps coming in asking me to color Dora the Explorer pictures. I'm not sure which. Anyway, I really am tired and I told the kids I was going to take my contacts out and brush my teeth, then go to sleep. Since I obviously did that, (not), I better go.

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Leanne said...

It's happening to me too! except I'm only moving 2o-ish miles down the road, and refused to say goodbye to my friends here. I miss you Kellie!!!!!!!