Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here are pictures from last weekend. I'll put descriptions in later. I'm tired.

This is Hunter Park is West Valley City. (Sorry Pam, no where near Logan.) They have a free lunch program for kids under 18, so Nathan and I ate the lunches we made for the kids and got them the free lunch that included a dessert. We met up with my college roomie, Janeen, and her kiddos and I told Megan it was a date for her and Janeen's son, Keegan.

The kids loved rolling and running down this huge hill.

Jeremy showing off his grass bracelet.

I don't know if you can tell by the angle in this picture, but that slide is WAY steep!

Megan and Keegan

Megan and Jeremy with their air rockets. We went to a wedding luncheon and they supplied all the stuff to make your own rockets and they brought the thing (I can't remember what it's called) to launch it. The kids and Nathan had a blast launching their rockets over and over.

We also went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake. There we met up with our good friends, the Johnsons.

Megan tried to touch the sting rays (minus the stingers), but got too scared every time one came near. Jeremy just played in the water, not really caring much about touching the rays. I hadn't planned on sticking my hand in the water, but surprisingly I was brave and stuck it in there, touching a couple of the rays.

The jellyfish are just dang cool.

This guy in front of Megan is holding a tarantula. I think he's an idiot. Who holds out a tarantula to a little kid? They had a really cool rainforest animals presentation where almost every animal they brought out to show was one I would squish.

Here I am being brave.

The kids with Grandma Joanne and Grandpa Blaine.

Jeremy pushing Megan on the swing and Grandpa Kent and Grandma Rosie's house.

Bubble Fun!


The Odd Family said...

I'm really hoping you are going to say that this place is near Logan. It looks awesome.

I'm so glad you gave me your blog address. I love reading blogs too. You are a great writer. Good luck with your move.

Tracey & Adrian said...

Kell, thanks for the comment on our blog, we'll probably check out the laundry mat, we've been there, done that! We are going to miss you guys, and hope that all goes well for you, definitely keep up with the blog, so we can see how you guys are doing in the new place! Good luck!!!

The Odd Family said...

Okay, how crazy is this. We know Janeen's family from our Rexburg ward during our undergrad at BYU-I. Keegan was just born. Then we met up with them again in Las Vegas. I was teaching first grade and they moved down for teaching also. And we ended up being in the same ward again. In that big city! And now they are back again? Will you ask her if I can be invited to her blog?

Kellie Buckner said...

Janeen is living in the SLC area. I will give her your blog address so she can invite you to her blog! That is so funny that y'all were in the same ward in two different states! Small world :o)