Friday, May 1, 2009

The Balanced Mom

I have a book called The Balanced Mom. I started reading it forever ago and just haven't had time to get back to it. Or at least, that's my excuse. I've read about 100 other books since then. I guess I haven't gone back to it because the exercise it wanted me to do was a little daunting--write down EVERYTHING I do in one day. From what I've gathered, it's about taking joy in being a mom and remembering that I'm a separate person from my kids and that I need to take time for myself.

I realized after doing this that I should pay attention to how long each of these takes me, or how much time I spend doing certain things. So maybe I'll have to do it again. I did take note of a few times, though. Thursday was a non-babysitting day, so maybe next time will be a babysitting day and I'll take a look at the differences.

Anyway, here's the list.

Wake up around 7:30 AM to Emma.

Get Emma out of crib and walk with her and Megan to kitchen.

Make cereal for Megan and self, get cereal and a pancake for Emma.

Jeremy wakes up and becomes stuck to me.

Get sick to stomach, eat two bites of cereal and go to bathroom while holding Jeremy.

Do my business with Jeremy watching, have him do his.

Make Jeremy cereal. Get Megan another bowl of cereal. Get Emma another pancake.

Feed fish. Out of fish food.

Mine is gross by now; throw it away.

Get Emma another pancake.

Put everyone’s dishes in sink.

Clean off kitchen counters and put more dirty dishes in dishwasher.

Pick up dishes from around the apartment and take to kitchen.

Change Emma’s diaper. Rinse out pajamas.

Turn on the computer.

Make our bed, Megan’s bed, and Jeremy’s bed.

Clean up toys from their room.

Clean up toys from the front room.

Try to keep Emma off trunk in hallway.

Try to blog.

Watch the kids get more toys from bedroom into the living room.

Get dressed.

Try to keep Emma off trunk in hallway.

Get Megan dressed.

Try to keep Emma off trunk in hallway.

Try to blog.

Get apple for Megan and Jeremy. Rinse knife.

Fold blankets.

Clean up Megan’s bookshelf.

Receive phone call from prospective tenant.

Try to keep Emma off trunk in hallway.

Finish cleaning up our room.

Try to keep Emma off trunk in hallway.

Move trunk to our room.

Receive phone call from prospective tenant.

Move trunk back to hall.

Start dishwasher.

Show apartment to prospective tenant since the last one lost his job and doesn't want it anymore.

Try to blog.

Put Emma to sleep.

Try to blog.

Play with Megan and Jeremy.

Finish blogging.

11:00 AM Eat lunch (since breakfast was a waste).

Read scriptures while eating.

Go get Emma because Megan and Jeremy woke her up.

Change Emma’s diaper and get her dressed.

Play with kids.

Play Webkins with Jeremy.

Realized Megan was going to be late to school, rushed everyone to get ready and out the door.

Drove Megan to school, chatted with Janice while waiting for teachers.

Drove back home for income verification and housing verification.

Found Nathan at home, he joined the ride.

Took paperwork to new preschool for Fall enrollment.


Shower (2:30 PM).

Take Emma to mall to buy a couple much needed items, console Emma.

Home for snack for Emma.

Doctor visit, console Emma.


Talk to Nathan.

Received phone call from Realtor, talked to Nathan about it.

Get dinner ready-leftovers.

Wake up Jeremy from one of his infamous dreaded naps.


Feed Jeremy.

Set up laptop for Jeremy.

Get Emma off table, chest.

Move table, chest.

Clean up front room and part of kids’ bedroom.

Help Megan with Webkins.

Put Emma to bed.

Ask kids to get ready for bed.

Help kids get ready for bed.

Put Emma to bed again.

Help kids get ready for bed some more.

Put Emma to bed again.

Put Megan to bed.

Put Jeremy to bed for the second time (Nathan did first time).

Try to relax online with blogs, email.

Write in MS.

Sent messages to Nathan through Jeremy running up and down the hallway between the dining room and the living room, because he couldn't sleep, dang nap!).

Cut Nathan’s hair.

Cut Jeremy’s hair (because he still couldn't sleep).

Clean up mess of hair.


Write in MS.

Email parents.

Tried to figure out how to change my internet homepage while looking at the news, couldn't do it.

Finish this list.

Get ready for bed.

Go to bed 12:50AM.


Lindsey said...

That made me really tired to read! You are truly amazing!

Rosemary said...

Wow! All I can say is Wow!

Claudia H said...

Just reading your list made me tired

janeen said...

did you get sick b/c you are prego or because you just couldn't stomach breakfast?

Kellie said...

Couldn't handle breakfast. Milk sometimes makes me sick.

JerieH said...

I was having a simmilar thought the other day. Jacob was watching Cinderella - the part where they are all chimming for her and she is singing "in a minute" as she makes breakfast. The reason it struck me as funny was I was doing three things at once like normal and has just said the same thing to Jacob who wanted a drink.
I was feeling a little stretched thin at that point so I did absoultly nothing all evening.

Tristi Pinkston said...

That is some major list ...