Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Husband's Back and We're Going to D.C!

Nathan took his last final on Friday. Our first year of dental school is officially over and I am afraid that I have to admit that it went by faster than expected. I don't think it was as bad or hard as Nathan expected it to be, which is a good sign, but we hear second year is the hardest. I guess we'll find out in a matter of months. But for now, I have him back.

At least until June 14th when he leaves for Officer Training in Texas. Then we'll get to see each other on weekends after I arrive with the kids in July.

To celebrate his first year of dental school being over we went out to eat. Nathan surprised us all and took us out to Mexican. It was tasty and had a good atmosphere.

Congratulations, Nathan! We're proud of you and all your hard work!


On Monday we are leaving for Washington D.C. Us and some friends from dental school and their families are traveling together and will see the sites. I'm pretty excited about it. The last time I went to D.C. it was a complete bust. Which is sad because I worked my butt off to pay for the trip. At my junior high school the 7th graders could go to D.C. during Spring Break. My best friend, Emily, and I decided we wanted to go and we put ourselves to work in my mom's office, filing and doing whatever else they told us to do, which was usually just more filing. I think we could also ask for donations, which helped out a lot. Anyway, the trip was awful. A couple kids swiped the liquor bottles from the plane, got drunk at the hotel, one kid got sick the next day and had to go to the hospital, so the rest of us had to alter our plans and instead of doing cool stuff, had to go to a strip mall that had nothing but Washington D.C. sweatshirts, which was funny, because the sweatshirts we were supposed to get from the school never got ordered. The photography studio that did our picture in front of one of the memorials was less than professional and resulted in less than a decent group picture. I think the highlight that day was seeing a squirrel up close, because when you're 12 seeing a squirrel up close is still cool. Oh, and the day before we left the trip was almost canceled (if only it had been!) because they got record breaking snows. But like southeast Texans that had never seen snow before, we went. Yeah. It was up to my hips in some places and my toes froze while we were at the Liberty Bell. Needless to say, (but funny, because I'm saying it anyway) I'm really looking forward to a trip to D.C. without my junior high classmates.

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Have lot of fun!!