Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Finally a Real Parent Now. Oh, and I got to see the BYU Ballroom Dancers Perform for FREE!

We hosted two BYU Ballroom Dancers (actually one dancer and one tech crew) the last couple days. Really all we had to do was give them the hide-a-bed to sleep on, let them use our bathroom, and feed them leftovers (they got in too late to eat dinner with us). I guess Nathan did make his famous home-made waffles for them, but he would have made those anyway, just not as many.

As compensation we got two free tickets to their show. The show was last night, which was also our first Congratulations-You're-Real-Parents-Now Night. Or in other words, our first school open house for Megan. I half-reluctantly gave the tickets away to a friend and then got excited about Megan's school thing.

At the school Megan and her classmates got up in front of all us parents and siblings and sang their hearts out. I was very impressed with them. At least half the students in the preschool are developmentally slow, but almost all of them sang and did the actions. Then Megan took us to her classroom and showed us the different stations and we talked to one of the teachers a little. It was cool to feel "like a real parent now." In case you're wondering, that's in quotes because that's what a friend of our said to us:)

But then, after putting the kids to bed, I drove out to the BYU Ballroom performance. I had to go anyway to pick them up, but I was hoping that I could get in without a ticket and see the rest of the show. Turned out that they got a pretty late start and I got to see about 5 dances, when really, I should have only seen maybe two. They were awesome! And I now know that the price they were asking for the tickets, $16-$18 is totally worth it. Next time I am buying really good seats and forcing Nathan to come with me!

I won't go into all the dances I saw, but the first one was really cool! It was done with black lights and glowing costumes and props!

So, to those of you who are in an area where they travel, or are close enough to see them perform near or at BYU, I highly recommend seeing them. It was really a great show.


Amber said...

They look awesome. That was awesome listening to Megan read. That is great. You're kids are getting so big. It's great. We miss you.

The Elledges said...

Man. I should've come with you. Scotty does not have a good attitude about spending money on ballroom dance tickets :)

Claudia H said...

It was a very good show!