Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Retro House Updated

I know it's been about a week since I blogged, but hey, I warned you that it would be a while, right? Things have been crazy here with trying to get the house in order and out of its 1950s shell. For example:

Here's me trying to get the linoleum off the floor in Jeremy and Emma's room.

Jeremy's been sleeping on his mattress in the living room or on our bed (it just has depended on where we've been working while they're asleep). Emma's been sleeping in the portable crib. Megan is the lucky one who has a bed and who's room isn't really covered in boxes.

We've also been taking down wallpaper. Lots of it. Here's the living room wallpaper coming down and you can kinda get a peek at a dining room wall in its new bareness. We almost finished painting last night. As we were off to bed Nathan noticed two or three little spots near the ceiling that need touch ups, so we should be done with this sometime this morning.
And here's me mowing our yard. This is my very first time EVER mowing a yard. We decided against the traditional mower that uses gas since it's so expensive, stinky, and loud and opted for the old school push mower. It was actually a lot of fun and did a good job cutting the grass. I had my doubts, but it worked well.
We've also been hard at play.

I loved this shot of the tricycle next to Nathan's bike. But here you see we've done sidewalk chalk, something we weren't allowed to do at the apartment complex.
Water gun fights while waiting for the Memorial Day Parade to begin.

This one's for you, Leanne! There were two bagpipe bands in the parade and this one was really good (in my I-know-nothing-about-pipe-bands opinion).
And Dad, this one's for you. There were a bunch of these little "Korvettes" (sorry if the "" are unnecessary, I don't know if that's the real name or not). These guys were really cool. They drove around really fast and did all kinds of formation work.

I've also started working on the front yard, pulling out weeds and the wild plants that were growing around the trees in front and planting new ones. I've been working on the front yard for three days and I'm nowhere near done with the area around just one of the trees. Some of our good friends gave us a flat of flowers after they bought too many and that sparked my drive to get it done. So at our tri-weekly trip to Home Depot we bought a few more flats and now I'm hard at work on another project.

So in addition to those things we've been trying to put away everything, get the basement in a condition ready for the kids to take over (it's going to be a play room for them), ripping up carpet in the dining room to reveal beautiful hardwood floors that need only a little bit of help to make them ready, and I'm still babysitting among all this mess and craziness. Fun times!

We love being in a house, we are extremely grateful to have it, to have our own space, and have a chance to make it our own. Even if it means things aren't being put away immediately.


Jackie said...

That's a lot of hard work. Good luck & congrats on the new place!

Tracey said...

Man, that is SO great that you guys are in a house! I am totally jealous!! Looks like you guys have been working hard. I have never mowed a lawn before either, so way to go:) Hopefully you'll all be able to sleep in your own beds soon. Good luck!

Jess said...

that is so exciting! looks like a lot of fun.. we are glad that we didn't have to do any of the hard work when we moved in.. miss you!

Leanne said...

hooray for thinking of me at the sound of bagpipes!!! I miss you guys! I'm jealous you have grass...we have dirt. not even good dirt, we have to go buy some of that. weird.

Melanie said...

Congrats on the VERY cute house!
I'm jealous of the grass too. A year into our home and we're still trying to get the grass in.
Anyway, I had to peel off the linoleum to replace the flooring in our last house. It was a nightmare. But if you're interested and you haven't finished it yet, I can share some little tricks. Ugh. I would never want that job again. . .