Friday, February 5, 2010

Brother and Sisters

Jeremy's preschool class does yoga once a week. I knew it was on the schedule for today, so when he got home I asked him, "Jeremy, did you do yoga today?" And he said, "Yes! Mom, this is tree pose!" So this picture is for Grandma Mary.

Blocks and trains are all the rage.

And we are slowly training Megan to smile without tilting her head in the
"Disney Princess Pose."

Emma is still at the age where we can't really get a good picture because she gets too excited, grabs the camera and squints as she yells "Cheese!"

Jeremy is now realizing he is the protector of his sisters. This was the best picture of Emma, but Jeremy was starting to walk away so he could see the last picture I took. Dang digital technology. When I was his age, we not only had no idea if the picture turned out or not, we didn't know if we'd lose the film before we could develop it.


Leanne said...

you are lucky that Emma will keep things in her hair. did you have to train for that? Kiara takes them out as soon as I put it in. grrr

Kellie said...


Emma pulls everything out. I think I got lucky with the bow because of how I did her hair. I had it pulled in a ponytail in front on her left side, then I took that ponytail and added more hair to it, then did that again. So I slid the barrette right in front of one of the elastics and I don't think she felt it because of where it was sitting and because it didn't have to rub right against her head as I put it in. It actually stayed in for most of the day. I was very surprised.

ali said...

Those are awesome pictures ~ you have such cute kids Kellie :)