Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily Word Count Check In and Question

Just a reminder, if you don't mind, leave your opinion on the last word count post where I asked about character names. Try to keep in mind that once introduced, the last names of the charaters in question won't be used often, if at all.

Word Count: about 180

I did some research today. Dang it. I didn't read well enough last time and I have some revisions to make. People who know their Swedish history are going to think I'm an idiot unless I fix some of this. Yes, it's fiction, but I'm using enough actual history to help the story along that I feel like I can't skip a generation of people, ya know?

Daily Phrase: “Yes, and now he’s forcing his son to follow in his footsteps, to never make a choice himself, not even who he marries,” said Annalie.

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