Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Word Count Check In

Word Count: 450

Phrase: She was dressed in fine clothes, but her jewelry was not ornate. The workmanship was delicate and expensive, but instead of being made from gold or silver, it was all cast iron. She held a small, red velvet purse that jingled as she walked up and down the booth, purveying the goods.


Janelle said...

Cast iron? Uncomfortable!

Leanne said...

i was thinking the same thing...cast iron!

Kellie said...

That's one of the historical fact things I'm throwing in the story. In Prussia there was a war just before my story starts. Those who were well off donated their gold for the war effort and had their jewelry recast in iron, often with the phrase "I gave gold" engraved on it. The character at the market gave hers willingly, I think, but her lady, Marie of Hess, did not. Marie of Hess (in my story at least) is proud and doesn't want to show up at the Swedish court in cast iron, so she orders her lady in waiting to get her something beautiful to wear.
I have no idea if she was proud and selfish in reality. Wikipedia doesn't say :o)