Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One More Time?

Ok, you might remember this post in which I said that it would be really cool to go to the MMB Blogging Conference. Well, it would be cool, but I can tell you what is cooler. (Sorry, MMB. I love you, but this really is cooler.)

I'm going to the LDS Storymakers Writing Conference!!

I thought I'd already blogged about this, but I couldn't find it in my archives, so here I am doing it now. Plus, they have a Show the Love for LDS Storymakers Conference Contest going on which requires that I blog about it:)

I've attended the Conference since, um, I think since just after Megan was born. I've lost count. Last year and this year I was certain I wouldn't get to go, but last year I was able to save up enough babysitting money to go--and trust me, babysitting these kids nearly every day for less than I would pay a teenager to babysit my own kids wasn't easy. But it was completely worth it. Every single hard day of it.

This year I thought I would never get to go because I haven't been babysitting much and finances have been tight. Plus, what to do with the kids? Who wants to take Jeremy to school, watch Megan and Emma, pick Jeremy up, feed the kids lunch, turn right around to take Megan to school, go home with Jeremy and Emma, and pick up Megan three hours later? Really, I mean it's amazing I don't get whiplash.

But, Nathan, the wonderful husband that he is, emailed me a couple weeks ago and said I should go to the conference and take the kids to his parents in SLC for the week. He said if I could pay for the conference, he would pay for everyone's airfare. SWEET, isn't he!

The conference is a place that I have felt accepted as a writer, where I have learned not to hide who I want to be as a writer (or who I am now as a writer), to accept rejections (because they happen), and to look forward to acceptances (because they will come too). I have had opportunities to mingle with literary greats and literary newbies who will be considered great soon. I have grown as a writer, becoming better and developing the love, if not talent, that God has given me for the written word.

I'm excited for another year's conference where I can soak it all in, learn more, make more friends, more connections, gain more inspiration . . .

I hope some of y'all who enjoy writing think about attending. It would be great to see you there!


Lindsey said...

Congrats Kellie! that is so awesome!

janeen said...

when is the conference? Should we try to get together since last time it was a bust?