Saturday, May 17, 2008

Absolutely Ridiculous Food Bribes

As many of you know, my children refuse to eat. I believe I've posted pictures of them before under a blog entitled "Poison" in which they look like they are dying from food poisoning. Well, they still don't eat (it really is amazing that they haven't died from starvation).

Last night I made nachos for dinner. You'd think that getting a dinner that consisted of nacho cheese chips, shredded cheese, and tomatoes, all of which they actually will eat, would mean dinner would be eaten fairly quickly. I was wrong. Neither of them ate their food. Megan opted to go to bed hungry instead of eat her food. Jeremy actually ate about half of it before I gave up on him and put him to bed, too. They know that if they don't eat their dinner they get the rest of it for breakfast and may only have water to drink until it is finished. Well, they wouldn't eat their leftovers for breakfast either. So we went out to do some grocery shopping (which now I realize is nearly pointless since they won't eat food anyway. Why was I buying food when they just get it on my carpet and not in their mouths?). When Megan and Jeremy became way too whinny I decided it was time to make them eat. We got home and I brought out the food. They still wouldn't eat it! They were starving and wouldn't eat.

Some of you know that I do all kinds of stuff to try to get my kids to eat. I've sung songs between bites, named bites ("Take a Nemo bite!" "Take an airplane bite!" "Take a lion bite!"), and now today I have done camera bites and reading bites. I actually took pictures of my kids forking food in their mouths to get them to eat. It still took forever to get them to eat because after every bite they had to see the picture. I guess that's the bad part of digital. At least I can erase them later, unlike film. There were quite a few times where I didn't even bother looking through the view finder to line up the picture, I just snapped it. I got a lot of pictures where the kids were way off to one side of the picture or where it was blurry. They didn't seem to mind, though.

Then tonight I read to Megan. I've been wanting to read Dragon Slippers to her (especially since she looked at the book and read the word "dragon" off the cover) and so I read a paragraph or two and then had her take three or four bites before I would go on.

Here are a couple pictures of them shoving food into their mouths for the camera, not for me.

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janeen said...

kids! You are very creative with your ideas. I bribe mine with junk food. It almost always works, after listening to them whine for an hour while they try to finish their dinner. They don't get junk food the rest of the day (unless Rod is home) so it works fairly well.