Monday, May 19, 2008

Yay for Pee!

Today I was outside chatting with my wonderful neighbor. It had been such a good day so far. I'd had a yummy breakfast that I didn't have to make myself. I actually got a shower before 4 PM, and I'd just gotten back from a doctor's appointment where he told me I was a little more effaced, .5 of a centimeter more dilated (for me that is like a major break-through), and he had scheduled me for an induction (this time one that will actually take place) for tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. And watermelon. We were enjoying the beautiful sunshine and eating delicious watermelon. The kids were getting pink and sticky and I didn't mind at all. We were letting our kids run around wild in the yard, playing with sticks, a wooden ride toy in the shape of a zebra, and a tricycle. They were pulling dandelions and blowing the seeds all over the yard (I'm really glad our landlord wasn't around to see their handiwork on his nice lawn). As I was talking with my neighbor I looked up from my watermelon and saw Megan, pants and underwear down, shirt pulled up, and pee streaming from her bottom onto the sidewalk. Can you say "mortification"? I thought I was going to die! My neighbor's little boy was standing right there with her, just staring at her pee run down the cement.
Sometimes Megan forgets that playing isn't as important as going to the bathroom as soon as she feels the urge. She waits and plays and waits and plays until she realizes that if she's not on the toilet in three seconds she's going to mess her pants. Then she freaks out and yells that if I don't put her on the toilet (which she can normally get on herself) that she will have the world's biggest mess in her pants.
Today she didn't even bother to tell me that she'd waited too long. She just dropped her pants and went. Right there. In the yard. In front of my neighbor and her son. So embarrassing.
She looked at me and said, "Mom, I need toilet paper." All I could say was, "Well, that's usually located in the bathroom- where you're supposed to pee."
After I cleaned her up I told her to get new underwear and pants because I was sure that she had gotten some on her. She went in her room and changed all of her clothes- into sweats. It's 85ยบ outside! I told her to pick something else, but she refused, not really understanding that hot weather + heavy clothing = too hot to play. Not too long after this she went inside, stripped down to her panties and came back outside. Luckily our landlord was here now and had just turned on the sprinklers, so it looked like I meant to have her naked so she could run through them. However, I wish she'd had on her swimsuit, not just her tighty-whities.


Leanne said...

oh yeah, that's awesome! I can't believe you are having Emma today!!! Good Luck!

janeen said...

I love it. Curssi (kristine's little guy) peed on the church lawn in front of the family history musuem.

And I got on the computer today hoping you had had your baby and I saw you were being induced today. Congrats, good luck, enjoy little Emma!

Kristine said...

yeah i know a lot about kids peeing wherever. today curtis peed his pants here at home when he had a friend over. I stripped him down and he grabbed his manhood and said, "mom, Aurora is not allowed to see this". it was quite funny. i am glad to see my kid isn't the only one peeing everywhere but the bathroom.

Jess said...

i'm babysitting your kids right now. jer is asleep and megan is saying crazy things like "there's a taco in the fridge" and rhyming words that don't make sense. i think i heard the word "snooty" in there somewhere. it's been fun!

Jess said...

oh yeah.. and she keeps speaking spanish at random times.. "cuidado!".. "i want agua!"... haha.. gotta love meg!

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Too funny!