Friday, May 2, 2008


A couple days ago Megan told me she wanted Nathan to take her fishing. I thought that was cute, but didn't think much of it since the only fishing stuff we have are two old poles we inherited from Carlos and Karen. I had put them in a box to take to D.I. because in the three years we'd had them, we'd never used them. I figured things wouldn't change when we move to Ohio, so why bother carting them across the United States?

I told Nathan that Megan had asked to go fishing with him and he was surprised, but very excited. He thought it would be a great opportunity to have some special Papa-Megan time. Last night he called me from work and said he was going to pick up some fishing stuff. So early this morning, just before 7 am, Megan woke up calling for Nathan. I asked him what time they needed to get up to go fishing and he said, "Oh, probably now." So he went into her room and knelt next to her bed. He whispered, "Megan get up." And for the first time ever, Megan said she didn't want to get out of bed. So Nathan whispered, "Do you want to go fishing?" Megan sat right up, said, "Yeah!" and ran to her dresser and started to get dressed! It was really cute.

So Nathan first went to get a fishing license and some snacks. Then they went to First Dam. They started on a bridge and then moved to a pier. They didn't catch anything other than the slime in the water, but Megan loved every minute of it anyway. They talked about the slime, why the water is green, the baby ducks, and fish. Megan even told Nathan a story about Mr. Play-dough Man who likes pizza. (I have no idea where that came from.)

After fishing at First Dam for about three hours they went to Willow Park and fished at Skylor Pond for about half an hour. Megan played on the jungle gym there for 10 minutes and then they came home. By this point it was nearly 11 am and Jeremy and I were bored without Nathan and Megan. Jeremy and I had already played outside two or three times (I pushed him around in the tricycle and he rode on one of those bouncy horses), we'd read plenty of books, set up a huge mesh toy with different color balls to throw into it and pretended it was a house instead of what it really is, sneaked Easter candy before lunch, and visited with my friend, Amber.

It's been a pretty good day today and right now the kids are cleaning up the living room so they can go outside and play. I got a nice nap in and we had a coupon for Arby's so I didn't have to make dinner (yeah!).

Here are a couple pictures that Nathan took of Megan while they were fishing.

Megan fishing at First Dam

Megan baiting the hook herself

Megan showing off her baited hook

Happy Megan, what a good sport she is. It was 31ยบ when they started fishing!


Jess said...

that's so cute! i wouldn't go fishing even if someone paid me 100 dollars

Leanne said...

What a cold, fun day for you guys!