Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Countdown

Well, last week I had an appointment to see if the baby would be in a good position to induce labor since I've been worried that she'll be huge (remember, Jeremy was nearly 9 lbs. and each consecutive kid is supposed to be bigger). Well, I was only dilated to a 1, 60% effaced, and her head was at a -2. Not really prime for having a baby. So the doctor scheduled me for another appointment today to check. I'm the same. Actually, one thing did change- the baby is now at a -3. She went the dang wrong direction!!

Before going in I was resigned to the idea of her not coming until this weekend. I just knew that I wasn't going to be in a good position to be induced today. I was completely fine with it until I got to the car. I didn't say anything to Nathan or the kids, but by the time we got home (Nathan left for work from the doctor's office, so it was just me and the kids) I was really upset. I don't get it. For a few days now I've known in my gut I wouldn't be induced today. I've had a feeling that it will be this coming weekend for quite a few days now. So why am I so upset about it? I don't know. I ended up calling my mom and crying on the phone to her. I feel so stupid, but I guess I just really want Emma to come now and not be huge.

My mom was great and cheered me up a bit. She gave me a little money to buy Emma some clothes since most of what we have are infant winter clothes from Megan's infant days and some money for dinner tonight, since I'm really not in the mood for cooking. (Have I ever been in the mood for cooking? Hmm.)

There are two girls in my ward who are pregnant and are due right around the same time as me. One of them was dilated at a 3 a few weeks ago. I think she'll go before me. As for the other girl, I don't know what she's at, but I'm sure it's more than my pitiful 1.

I just remembered that I labeled this post as Baby Countdown, so I guess I better put the current countdown info.

2 Days 13 Hours 40 Minutes 25 Seconds as of May 12 at 10:19 AM


Kristine said...

Oh Kellie, I know how you feel. It is the end of the pregnancy I just want it to be over so I can just see my baby phase. I think all moms go through it and you can't go into labor until you have had a few cries over silly stuff you can't control.

Of course this doesn't make you feel any less ready or less pregos it juat is what it is and it sucks. When I complain I usually just want someone to say, "you are right, this sucks". So there you have it. It sucks. But this weekend should be grand. Not to mention money to go buy clothes and dinner. Now that is a nice mom. What would we would do without our own moms?

And one last thing ( I know this is long) there were three of us girls prego in my ward when I had Alessia. Both were due after me, in fact one was due a whole month after me and they both had their babies before Alessia made her appearance. The other babies were tiny and mine was huge. And mine was the cutest of all three babies. I think it was all the extra cook'n time.

Good luck for when you do go into labor.

We can't wait to see pictures of Emma!

Leanne said...

She'll be here soon enough, and then you'll want to put her back! (just kidding!) Remember when I was pregnant with Reuben and 2 (or 3) people had their babies before he came? I was so mad....Kim! of course they couldn't help it, and neither could I.

I feel for you! and I miss you. good luck!

Kim said...

Sorry Leanne (but you wouldn't have wanted him that early ;)). But really Kellie, I feel for you. I HATE the last few weeks of pregnancy, and anyone who enjoys it, is a better person than I am. I hope she comes soon for you, and that it all goes well. Good Luck.

janeen said...

I think every pregnant woman feels your pain. It's perfectly normal to want the baby out. I knew when I was going to be induced and I still wanted Rylee to come earlier. It didn't happen and I was annoyed but time will pass and your baby will be here soon and you'll forget all about it.
Are your parents coming for a visit? I want to see your baby
(and you) before you move and I am sure Keegan would love to see megan. He still talks of marrying her.

Kellie Buckner said...

My parents aren't coming until we move. So I'll have to send lots of pictures to them. We should totally get together before we move! I don't know when we'll be coming down to SLC next, but we are thinking about having Emma blessed in Nathan's parents' ward so the whole family doesn't have to drive up here with gas prices. Maybe we could plan something around then.