Friday, May 30, 2008

Picture Time!

My mom has once again been begging me for pictures and a video. I have pictures ready, but not the video, sorry mom. These pictures are all of randomness that's been going on here. Enjoy!

Jeremy has learned about the American flag. He loves to point it out and calls it the "'Ca flag."

Nathan bought me pink roses and brought them to the hospital the day after Emma was born.

Megan had a rough afternoon. After having a time out, she fell asleep on the glider chair.

Kent, Rozella, Laura, Sarah, and Mike came to meet Emma on Monday.

Jeremy is such a good helper!

Jeremy is grateful for his ears.


I've been doing a lot of packing lately.
I got this box out and wasn't sure what to pack in it yet. I turned around for a minute and when I looked again Jeremy was in the box, trying to close the top on himself.

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Leanne said...

I can't believe how pink that baby is, and so chubby already! She looks like a keeper! I love those ear things they do in nursery.