Friday, August 8, 2008

Look Who's Two

Here are some of the pictures we took of Jeremy for his second birthday. He is just so dang cute!

Here is Jeremy's New Dance. I love his dance. He started doing this while Megan was in her dance class. I guess he felt left out and wanted to show me he could dance, too.

His Fishy Face. Isn't it hilarious!

Jeremy loves airplanes. I made him a quilt with buttons and ribbons and zippers to play with. His favorite part of the blanket is the underside because it has airplanes on it. He calls it his "Airplane Blankie." This airplane used to hang over his bed when we lived in Logan. I have yet to find a spot for it here.

Oh. My little boy is growing up. He's my little man now.

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Anonymous said...

I too miss our morning walks together. Another thing is that I just loved calling you up or coming over to your house and just talking. But I do remember a girls night out when we went to Kohls and to Cold Stone. I had a blast! Miss you and love you lots.