Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yesterday's Madness

So yesterday I was trying to update the look of my blog when a bunch of my stuff was erased. If I had a link to your blog and it is missing now, please let me know and I'll put it back up. I just can't remember all of the links to blogs that I had. I was up after 1 AM trying to fix the blog and still doing work on it today.

Could someone please tell me how to create a new layout for my blog without using big words? I've read a couple sites online that all say, easy, simple, or for dummies. These sites only make me feel stupider than a dummy when I still can't figure out what they are saying.

If y'all don't know how to create your own, then tell me how you bypassed the layouts on Blogger and got cool looking ones. I tried to use a couple layouts from websites and those aren't working for me either, in fact, that's how all my stuff got erased.

Thanks for the help and wish me luck getting everything normal.


Janelle said...

Hey, I think it's a pretty good deal -- I didn't have a link before, but now I do. Haha.

I wish I knew how to create my own template, but I'm not familiar with XML programming...it's more complex than HTML. The website that I used to get a free template has some that save your stuff, but not all of them do (like my design). There are other sites (like The Cutest Blog on the Block) that just have you add an HTML gadget on your sidebar that takes care of the programming. You won't lose anything that way. That's definitely the easiest way to do it, although a lot of their layouts are pretty similar. Personally I don't like them much, but a lot of people do. You'll have to switch your template from the Scribe (which it currently is) to a Minima template before you can use their stuff. You won't lose anything with that switch.

Leanne said...

I got mine from Pyzam and you download the "stuff" that it tells you to, but it does erase everything that you have already, so it's like starting from scratch. I think Danny helped me save my old one at the same time so I could basically "cut and paste" They have a ton on there, good luck!!

*Katie May* said...

This is Katie, from Matie Kay Creations, when I click on that link the html comes up for me. Is it when you click on the actual link or when you try to save it in your blogger html? You can email me @ matiekay@gmail.com :)I will leave this comment on your other blog too because I am not sure which one to use :)