Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Potty Training Olympics--Let the Games Begin!

Announcer 1: It's time for the Buckner Potty Training Olympics! Let the Games Begin! Coming from the part of the world where tantrums have only begun is Jeremy Buckner! Jeremy is a new two year old and currently like airplanes, American flags, and "the family song."

Announcer 2: Now Jeremy's first competitor is his very own sister Megan, who, like Jeremy, is currently into American flags. Megan is 3 2/3 and is seasoned in the art of potty training. It will be difficult for Jeremy to match up to such stiff competition with so much experience. Jeremy's recent experience includes Wednesday evening before bedtime and Friday night while playing at a friend's house. The judges nearly tossed out Friday night's experience, citing the reason: It was only one small drop.

Announcer 1: Jeremy's final competitor is his baby sister Emma. Now little Emma has had no experience in the Potty Training Olympics. She is a newbie here and her only experience is with diapers in sizes Newborn and 1-2. She did once wear one of her brother's 4s when her parents were foolishly out of the smaller sizes.

Announcer 2: I really think that the Gold Medal is going to go to big sister Megan.

Announcer 1: I agree, Announcer #2, Megan has had relatively few accidents in the last year and is doing a great job all around.

Announcer 2: She certainly is #1. But as we've seen, Jeremy is ready to tackle the Games this year and is striving to follow in Megan's footsteps.

Announcer 1: Perhaps in another 18 months we'll be seeing another Potty Training Olympics and little Emma will be earning her medal and Jeremy will be giving Megan a run for the Gold with stronger competition.

Mommy Note: Ok, I know I've posted about Jeremy wanting to potty train before, but I think it might be true this time. He's older, we broke down and got him the training pants, and we're more willing to wait in the bathroom with him for the ten minutes or so it take him to pee. We are taking a page out of Nathan's mom's book and teaching Jeremy to pee on Cheerios that we let him drop into the toilet. He's pretty excited about that. One funny thing is it takes him forever to get going. When he pees he only does an almost nonexistent trickle at a time with about three or four minutes between each trickle. I'm excited that the training has begun; now I just have to take Cheerios with me everywhere we go. As an extra incentive we give him a package of Nemo fruit snacks every time he actually goes potty. I guess I need to carry those with me everywhere, too.


Janelle said...

Too funny! Very creative. And amusing.

I found your blog address on your GoodReads page.

Zann said...

Just an idea - maybe he's got stage fright. You could leave him alone for a little bit in there and see what happens...

Kellie Buckner said...

Zann, I will try that. I hope he can stay on the toilet without falling into it. . . . Ew!

the wilsons said...

Stage fright, I love it! Mine has to pee so bad it hits the floor before he can make it to the toilet. And people wonder why we don't have rugs in the bathroom. Good luck. I hope this time is it :)