Saturday, August 23, 2008

Primary Pioneer Day

Megan had a Pioneer Day Activity today and it was a lot of fun.

They had the kids help make ice cream.

They also had an area where the kids could make whirligigs.

There was a table where the kids could decorate handkerchiefs . . .
and paper quilts, too.
The kids tried to use hoola hoops as barrel rings and keep them rolling with yard sticks, but it didn't really work since hoola hoops are thinner than barrel rings and yard sticks are a lot longer and harder to handle than the sticks pioneer children actually used. Megan and I gave up and just decided to hoola hoop instead.

And finally there was a wagon race. The kids had to run, dragging the wagon to a pile of pioneer clothes and put them on, then drag and run to a blanket and put it in the wagon, then drag the wagon and run to a pile of food, put the food in the wagon, and then get the wagon to the cone at the end, turn it around and run back.

And here are a few pictures that I meant to include in a previous post. When we went camping the other week we picked blackberries and ate them once we got home. Jeremy's face was covered! Also here are a few pictures of Megan with Emma. Megan has gotten really into posing lately.

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Leanne said...

haha! I love her poses. that's too cute! Those pioneer games look like fun. we used to have a family reunion at this place that actually had barrel rings and sticks, and stilts and pioneer clothes to dress up in. pretty fun stuff.