Friday, August 8, 2008

Megan is a Musical Genius

I am right now doing work on my laptop and have my blog open so I can listen to the music that plays. Megan is sitting next to me eating a bowl of cereal for dinner. Hey, I'm not a bad mom, we went to a reception and ate dinner there, this is basically a before bed snack. Anyway, The Beatles' Strawberry Fields came on and Megan stopped mid-bite and asked me, "Is this The Beatles?"

Have I converted her or what?

When I asked her how she knew it was The Beatles, she said, "Because it's The Beatles. It's the Strawberry Fields song, one of your favorites. I know them. Why did that mean man want to take away Ringo's ring?"

Oh my gosh. I think the last time I saw Help! was back in February. She remembered the five or ten minutes she saw of it.

I love Megan. She's so funny. . . .


Leanne said...

your kids crack me up! go Meg! I love The Beatles. sigh. I wish they would play them on the radio still! I love Jeremy's face one where he's looking off to the side. so cute!

Alger Family said...

I love your kids. They always put a smile on my face. Jeremy really is a cute boy. I love his little dance. These pictures are adorable!