Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here Comes the Bride!

Here come the brides
Detailed and washed
They're all ready to Vroom! off
to their vacation spots

Their tanks are all full
They are spotless and clean
Their horns are melodious
with trumpets on the scene

Ok, that's enough of that. My creative juices stop flowing this late at night.

Yesterday I walked into Megan and Jeremy's room and saw something akin to this:

(I had to have Megan recreate it for me tonight since I missed the all important picture taking opportunity at the original ceremony.)

When I walked into their room all the cars were laid out like this and she said, "Look mom! They got married!" Then she proceeded to point to each car and tell me which one it married.

This is how girls play with boy toys. At least, it's how my girl plays with boy toys.

In this picture she said the peacock feather wings from her Barbie outfit was a wedding decoration for this second ceremony.
She actually spent a lot of time deciding which cars should marry each other.


Nathan said...

Yep. Our kids are dang cute.

Ok, Kellie, I commented.

PS. I don't usually comment on your blog because I comment to you in the real world. But, after your scathing remark over at Our Awesome Life, I thought I should say something. :c)

Summer said...

HaHaHa! That's so cute!